The way of installation and notice of shower

Does the shower is easy to install?

1.After wrapping the two ends joint with the raw material belt, tighten it on the outlet joint in the two mounting holes on the wall with a monkey wrench. After fastening, make sure that the center distance of the two ends joint is 150mm.

2.Let two decorative covers over the two ends joint .

3.Insert the washer into the elbow joint and screw the mounting nut onto the elbows with a wrench to secure the faucet to the wall.

4.Drill three holes with a diameter of 6mm and a depth of 35mm at a position about “H” away from the tap outlet joint.

5.Insert the expansion tube into the hole respectively and fix the wall seat to the all with self-tapping screw. Note: the wall stand must be on the same center line with the tap outlet joint.

6.Wrap the faucet with cloth before drilling to avoid dirtying and bruising.

7.The height ”H” shall be determined at the time of actual installation of the actual product.

8.Insert the sealing ring into the lower end of the switch valve.

9.Screw the lower and of the switch valve and the upper end of the tap

10.Before drilling ,wrap the faucet with cloth to avoid the faucet being dirty and bruising. Note: pay attention not to damage the electroplating surface when using spanner to tighten.

11.Screw one end of the shower stem with one end of the switch valve(the end of the column shower stem must have a sealing ring).

12. Cover the decorative over into the other end of the shower rod, and then insert that end into the wall seat. Lock the end with three fixed screws respectively, and finally push the decorative cover to the wall.

13. Turn on the water inlet switch and flush the pipe thoroughly after installation.

14. Connect the nut end of the shower hose with the connector behind the switching body. Connect the nut to the end of the hand shower hose and insert it into the shower seat (Note: the two ends of the shower hose shall have washers).

15.Screw the shower head onto the shower lever.

The 7 notes of shower installation 

1.Height of the mixed water valve from the ground

The reserved inner silk elbow is also to prepare for installing the mixed water valve in the next step. It’s height is generally mastered between 90-110cm. In the middle, it can be decided according to the owner’s requirements or the average height of the family members.


2. Distance between two inner filaments

Experienced person know that the standard for the reserved distance between the elbow of the inner wire of the shower is 15cm in the dark with an error of no more than 5mm and 10cm in the open. Please remember that all measurements are medium to medium.

3. Keep the wall tiles on the same plane as the wall .

Reserve wire head is to allow for the thickness of the wall brick, it is better to let embryo higher wall 15mm, if the level of hair embryo wall, such as finished wall brick you’ll find that thread head stuck in the wall is too deep, maybe can’t install the shower, however, not silk and it’s ugly head and adjusting screw.


4.Note the different type of shower

The ceaseless exaltation of quality of life of people now , the flower that arises at the right moment asperses design also is various, installation method is not identical, have bright outfit, have dark outfit, wall type, condole top type, should learn ceaselessly as personnel of water and electricity, master the new product installation method on the market.


5.The positon is very important.

Flower is aspersed is bath equipment, the person is not to wear clothes in the shower, so installation shower choice position will pay attention to their privacy, generally don’t choose at the door or window, if there is a whole other bath room, to fully communicate water valve in what position, don’t wait to decorate good, buy back after bath room, the inappropriate position to hit a wall.

6.Left hot and right code can’t be wrong

Shower asperse inside silk elbow outlet should master left hot right cold can’t wrong. This is not only the regulation of national standard and the use habit of broad owner, more important is manufacturer product also is produced according to regulation of left hot right cold, if you make a mistake, may cause some equipment to be unable to work, say is to damage the equipment. This should be noted when piping is laid.

7.Fixing the inner wire elbow

The fixation of the inner wire elbow is very important. If it is not fixed, the size can’t be positioned. It is likely that the mixed water valve can’t be installed after decoration.


The preparation before and after installation

1.Protect bibcock with cloth: when screa faucet tightly, careful person can use thicker cloth or plastic film to wrap in the screw cap of faucet, prevent not bibcock to be spent disorderly by wrench.

2.Before installation, it is better to put the water inside the pipe and flush the pipe. Because the impurity inside newly decorated pipeline is more,have a lot of fine sand even, if install, take flower to asperse to release water directly, the likelihood brings about these impurity to asperse the interior of the flower directly, some are bad clean, affect the result of the water that the flower asperse.

3.After installation, clean up the dust on the site:it is unavoidable to produce some dust in the installation process. After the installation is completed ,clean up the site to ensure the site is clean, and rinse the site with water.


Post time: Sep-01-2020
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