Showerhead installation notes

1. Precautions for how to install the shower head

One is to pay attention to the choice of installation location. Avoid visible locations such as windows or doors to ensure privacy when using shower heads. The second is to pay attention to the identification of the water outlet. The water outlet of the standard shower is hot on the left and cold on the right. It is shown that there is a color mark at each end. Red represents hot water and blue represents cold water. End recognition. The third is to pay attention to the installation height. The shower is shared by the family. The height of the family members should be considered comprehensively to determine the appropriate installation height.

2.The specific steps of how to install the shower head

First of all, find a suitable eccentric head position before installation, and connect it to the outlet pipe. The distance between the two should be kept well, generally 15-20cm apart. Secondly, assemble and connect the shower head and the outlet pipe. When assembling, use a raw material tape to wrap around the threaded interface to prevent water leakage in the future. Then connect the shower head to the outlet and fix it with screws. Next, connect the nozzle rod and the faucet together, and then install it on the eccentric joint. After installation, check the sealing between the nut behind the faucet and the eccentric head. Sealing must be done. Finally, install the sprinkler, install it on the top of the shower rod, and then connect the main body of the faucet and the shower nozzle with a stainless steel hose, and the overall collusion. After all the steps are completed, you can try it out, check the sealing conditions of each connection, and confirm that there is no leakage. If there is a problem, you can rework and adjust in time.


Post time: Nov-19-2020
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