Installation method of shower bracket, shower bracket installation tips

1.Classification of shower brackets

Before you know how to install shower stents, the first thing you should know is what type of shower stents are in your home. Under normal circumstances are divided into two kinds, the first one is lifts asperses bracket. This support is attached to the support rod of the shower. And can carry on the adjustment of flower sprinkling height according to actual situation. The 2nd is overhead spends asperse bracket, namely the big flower that we are commonly known is asperse, this kind of flower asperses below general circumstance is to use enter wall type installation.

2.The disassembly way of shower bracket

Although different you have different stent designs, different ways of disassembly. But under normal circumstances, the head that flower sheds is activity design. We just need to rotate the spray button with a little bit of force to get it off. If the installation is really complicated, you can take it off with the help of some tools by reading the relevant instructions. The most important thing is to pay attention to the installation process do not overexert and destroy the corresponding parts.

3.Installation method of shower bracket

If the frame is fixed and cannot be moved, we should first determine the installation position according to the height of the user. Next it is the part that decorates is close to the helix grain that spends asperse bracket inside, next twist asperse bracket into the joint of hot and cold conduit respectively again next, adjust the position of two end again ok. In fact, the installation of the support is not complex, just in the process to pay attention to the left and right ends of the support must be the same distance.

Post time: Sep-11-2020
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