How to solve and prevent the shower leak

1. Leakage at the steering ball of the shower head. First, unscrew the shower head from the steering ball ring, find the O-ring or similar seal inside and replace it, and then rotate the shower head back to its original position.   

2, there is leakage at the joint of the shower head handle. Select the appropriate shower hose and faucet according to the specifications, replace its rubber ring, and reinstall it.

3. Water leakage caused by gravel or sediment. Unscrew the shower head for cleaning. If necessary, soak the parts with vinegar and scrub the parts, taking care to avoid scratching them. If the shower head is an adjustable spray type, carefully check all movable parts for signs of excessive wear. If the rotating handle cannot move smoothly, or the internal cam is broken, the entire shower head needs to be replaced.

  4. The fine water from the shower head becomes a mixture of thickness and fineness. If the shower takes a long time, the water output will become smaller. This is because the water quality is not good, the water contains a lot of alkali, and the scale deposits on the water outlet, causing the shower to block. The solution is also very simple. For the shower head designed with silica gel particles, knead gently. If the scale is serious, use a plastic bag to fill the white vinegar, wrap the shower and soak for a period of time, then rinse with water.

5. Every six months or less, remove the shower head and place it in a small pot. Use edible white vinegar to water the surface and inside of the shower head and soak for 4-6 hours, then gently wipe the surface of the shower head with a cotton rag. Mouth: After reinstalling the connector, let the water flow for a while, and wait for the white vinegar and scale to flow out with the water to eliminate or reduce the influence of scale on the shower and have a certain sterilization effect.

  6. ​​Often use a soft cloth with a little flour to wipe the plating surface of the shower, and then rinse with water to make the surface of the shower bright as new. Precautions:

① Please pay attention to the safety of yourself and the product when disassembling the shower head;   

②, the filter gasket should not be too large or too fine. If it is too large, it may not have the effect of filtering. If it is too fine, it may affect the flow. The size of the filter should be 40-60 mesh. Do not use strong acid when removing water scale to avoid corrosion on the shower surface. Do not disassemble the shower head for maintenance by yourself. Improper disassembly will damage the appearance and internal structure of the product.

7. The ambient temperature of the shower head cannot exceed 70℃. High temperature and ultraviolet light will 
greatly accelerate the aging of the shower head and shorten the service life of the shower head. Therefore, 
the installation of the shower head should be as far away as possible from the heater and other electrical 
heat sources. The shower head cannot be installed directly below the Yuba, and the distance should be above 60cm.

Post time: Oct-16-2020
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