How to install the thermostatic shower

Precautions before installation


Thermostatic showers have requirements for water heaters. Therefore, before installation, it is necessary to confirm whether the water heater at home matches the thermostatic shower.
If the thermostatic shower and solar water heater in your home are installed together, the water pressure of the solar water heater is small, resulting in a large pressure difference between the cold and hot water, and the thermostatic shower may stop working. Moreover, the maximum temperature of the solar water heater will exceed 80°, and the thermal element of the thermostatic shower will be easily desensitized over time, which will shorten the life span.


If the water quality at home is relatively hard, such as a pot of boiling water that scales within a few days, this water quality is not suitable for installing a constant temperature shower. Or you can buy a thermostatic shower with descaling function.
If the thermostatic shower at home is installed with a gas water heater. Does your gas water heater have a constant temperature function? Is dual constant temperature necessary? If the thermostatic shower is used together with the thermostatic gas water heater, it is recommended to set the outlet temperature of the thermostatic water heater to about 60 degrees and the temperature of the thermostatic shower to about 38 degrees after installation.


Precautions during installation


The thermostatic shower must not be connected to the wrong direction of the hot and cold water. Generally, it is the standard 
connection method of hot left and cold right. If it is connected incorrectly, the thermostat function will be lost.

Check the wall pipe layout, whether the direction of the installed circuit and water pipe is clear.
Check whether the pipes are installed crookedly after installation, it will also affect the use of the thermostatic shower


Post time: Sep-24-2020
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