How to disassemble the shower bracket

It turned out to be a shower bracket, then he must have a part and the wall is fixed. At the same time, we observed that there was no screw exposed outside the bracket. So the first thing we should do is take the cover off that part of the cover that is aesthetically treated. Some covers and fixtures are buckled, some are rotated. This depends on the actual situation of the shower bracket at home. After removing the cover we can see the screw condition of the fixed part of the wall. At this point, use a tool to remove the screw. After taking off, you can connect the whole with the wall, that is, the theme of the shower asperse bracket was taken off. Be careful not to hurt yourself, but also pay attention to the wall. It’s best not to break the wall.

The maintenance way of shower

Usually when we think of it in a narrow sense we’re talking about the shower head, but in fact when we talk about the shower head, we’re talking about the whole thing. In daily life, we also want to carry on integral maintenance to flower asperse, such ability can prolong its service life. For the shower pipe, we try not to wrap it in the process of use, otherwise¬†the shower pipe will be easily knotted and cause water pipe rupture. For shower head, it is recommended to hang it on the bracket after not using it. If it is put in the toilet at will, it is easy to fall to the ground, thus making the shower nozzle fall to crack. The service life that affects whole shower to asperse thereby, it is not cost-effective so.

Post time: Sep-11-2020
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