GROHE Launches New Rain Shower Smart Active Hotel Design

Thanks to smart functions and intuitive operation, it can ensure that users enjoy absolute shower enjoyment, which can be tailored according to personal needs or mood, which has a high value in the hotel bathroom, thereby increasing what visitors really appreciate during their stay Uniqueness and luxury.
In addition, Rainshower SmartActive can be purchased together with the matching shower rail, thus minimizing the installation workload. The shower rail can be easily fixed using existing drill holes, which makes it an easy upgrade solution that can immediately upgrade the hotel’s Room or spa facilities without any upgrades. A lot of time, work or investment.
Thanks to two new technologies, SINYU Rainshower SmartActive hand shower is by far the most innovative hand shower in the Sinyu product line. Equipped with Sinyu SmartTip control device, the simple fingertip at the rear of the ergonomically designed hand shower is enough to intuitively switch between the three spray modes. In the center of the nozzle, circular and star nozzles provide powerful ActiveMassage spray. At the same time, Jet spray is very suitable for use after exercise, and can also be used when the user feels tired, because its exhilarating spray can bring a new sense of energy to the body, and it is also very suitable for thorough and quick rinses. Hair water. However, if you want to use a softer and softer water pressure, the circular nozzles can imitate a soft shower.
In addition to a variety of luxurious spray patterns designed for a personalized shower experience, Sinyu also integrated its DripStop function into the new handheld shower design. Usually, guests spend their daily life in a quiet, luxurious resort, and come here for vacation. Therefore, this new technology plays a preventive role in hotel bathrooms by eliminating unnecessary dripping showers, which can cause great damage when trying to relax and relax. This feature also makes Sinyu Rainshower Active a more environmentally friendly alternative to the standard model.
Rainshower SmartActive is perfect for adding luxury to the shower space. It is compatible with almost all shower systems and offers 130mm and 150mm sizes, 12 color finishes, and round or square designs. This means that it can be seamlessly integrated into any existing bathroom decoration for cost-effective upgrades that change the shower experience. For projects seeking to completely renovate the shower space, Rainshower SmartActive fits perfectly with overhead showers, such as Sinyu Rainshower 310 SmartActive or Rainshower 310 Mono, Rainshower Bodysprays and concealed thermostats or innovative Sinyu SmartControl shower controllers.

Post time: Dec-23-2020
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