Constant temperature shower can’t be used? May be a constant temperature shower installation wron

Precautions before installation

1. Constant temperature shower is required for water heater.So before installing, make sure your water heater matches your constant temperature shower.

If your thermostat is installed with a solar water heater, the water pressure of the solar water heater is lower, resulting in a greater difference in water pressure between hot and cold. The thermostat may stop working.And the most high temperature of solar water heater can exceed 80°, the time was long the heat sensitive element that constant temperature flower asperses is easy lose sensitive, cause life to shorten.

If a constant temperature shower is installed in your home with a gas water heater.Does your gas water heater have a constant temperature function?Is dual thermostatic temperature necessary?If the constant temperature shower is used together with the constant temperature gas water heater, it is recommended to set the outlet temperature of the constant temperature water heater to about 60 degrees after installation, and set the temperature of the constant temperature shower bath to about 38 degrees.

2. if the water quality of the home is relatively hard, such as boiling water pot less than a few days on the scale, this water quality is not suitable for the installation of constant temperature shower.Or can buy the constant temperature flower that has descaling function is aspersed.
Precautions during installation

1, constant temperature shower must not be connected to the wrong hot and cold direction, generally is the standard left hot right cold connection, if once connected to the wrong will lose the constant temperature function.

2. Check the layout of the wall pipe and whether the direction of the circuit and waterway pipe after installation is clear.

3, check the installation of the pipeline is crooked, crooked installation will also affect the use of constant temperature shower.

Specific installation steps for constant temperature shower


1. Install the decorative cover, put the rubber cushion into the faucet nut, and align the lock nut with S.

2. Connect the elbow group with the straight pipe for installation.

3. Insert the straight pipe assembly on the faucet group and lock and fix the fixing screw.

4. Connect the hand held shower nozzle and connect the other end of the hose to the vertical outlet under the constant temperature tap.

5. Install constant temperature shower.

6. After the final installation, it is ok to test whether the outlet water state of the faucet switch reaches the constant temperature.


Post time: Dec-05-2020
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