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Supercharging shower head G2711 showerhead

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Product Details Product Name Supercharging shower head G2711 showerhead Product Code: G2711 Shape of Faceplate: Square Main Material: ABS+Weather-Proof TPE Type of Water Way: Bulit-in Water Way Dimension of Faceplate(mm): 300*190 Ball Joint Material: Brass Thread Size: G1/2B No. of Functions: 1-Function Flow Rate(L/min@0.3Mpa): 14.5 Type of Spray: Spray Body Finish: Molding, Plating, Painting, PVD Faceplate Finish: Molding, Plating, Painting, PVD Produ...

  • MOQ: 500pcs
  • पोर्ट: क्षियामेन
  • OEM / ODM: स्वीकारार्ह
  • लेझर चिन्ह: स्वीकारार्ह
  • मूळ ठिकाण: Zhangzhou, चीन
  • उपलब्धता: मोठ्या प्रमाणात पॅकिंग, रंग पेटी, पांढरा बॉक्स, फोड
  • वितरण वेळ: बद्दल 3-7 व्यक्त करून दिवस, समुद्रावर 30-45 दिवस
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    Product Details

    Product Name Supercharging shower head G2711 showerhead
    उत्पादन सांकेतांक: G2711
    Faceplate आकार: स्क्वेअर
    मुख्य साहित्य: ABS + हवामान-पुरावा TPE
    पाणी वे प्रकार: Bulit-पाणी वे
    Faceplate (मिमी) महत्व 300 * 190
    बॉल संयुक्त साहित्य: पितळ
    थ्रेड आकार: G1 / 2B
    कार्यपूर्तीसाठी क्रमांक: 1-कार्य
    फ्लो रेट (L/min@0.3Mpa): 14.5
    स्प्रे प्रकार: स्प्रे
    शरीर समाप्त: मोल्डिंग, मुलाला, चित्रकला, PVD
    Faceplate समाप्त: मोल्डिंग, मुलाला, चित्रकला, PVD
    उत्पादन वैशिष्ट्ये: एअर मध्ये टेक, अल्ट्रा थीन, पाण्याचा दाब Blancing, स्वतंत्र TPE स्प्रे nozzles, सोपे स्वच्छता, वर्धित वेल्डिंग, अवशिष्ट पाणी जलद निचरा
    Handshower शिफारस: S1411 / S1421 / S2811
    तत्सम Showerhead: G1151 / G1161


    Shape स्क्वेअर
    समाप्त Chrome
    Style Contemporary
    Showerhead size 300*190mm
    Function type Single Function
    Features Oxygen spray rain shower
    Faceplate Injection
    Shower Head Spray Pattern पाऊस
    Water Flow Rate 2.5 gpm (9.5 lpm) maximum flow rate

    Quality Assurance


    Mature QA system, strict quality control from IQC, PQC, to OQC.And we will to do 100% test for every products before dispatch .

    One Stop Service Capability

    We can make the shower have a perfect combination of technology & design to meet every fashion & utility family shower room and demands of different customers group which depends on our one stop service capability and big and professional R&D team .


    Company Achievement & Honor

    267 National & International Patents . Provincial ShowerTech-research Center . National High-tech Enterprise. Provincial Top Brand. Special Social-responsibility Contribution Enterprise etc.


    Feel free contact us 

    Welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory ,Win-win cooperation is our cooperation concept all the time. Providing the superior ,neoteric ,utility products and professional service of shower design for customers is our goal , help our customer solve the problems and let you to gain more project and market chance is our only mission .Your satisfaction is our chase . Be professional because dedicated, chooses Sinyu, chooses different service experience. 


    Sinyu Technology (Fujian) Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer focusing on shower products innovation .

    Address: NO.7 XingJing Road, Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, Fujian, China

    Tel: +86 18650008118



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